Technical specs

Modern, optimized, quality equipments


Sustainable materials & smart design

Quality construction with selected and well-sized equipment is a guarantee of quality for your professional premises. Campus Contern has made choices to guarantee excellent durability, appearance and flawless operation of the buildings.

Our procedures also involve high-performance insulation, double or triple glazing and a A-C certificate of efficiency.



Easy fit-out

Our floors have a modulation every 1.25 m which corresponds to the minimum width of an individual office according to the comfort criteria of the BREEAM standard (2.50 m). This considerably facilitates the fit-out because you may add the partitions where you need them to arrange the space according to your needs.  As a result, it does not matter whether or not to partition everything, the room will function optimally in terms of lights, heating, air conditioning, etc., because everything was planned for in advance.

Active ceilings have horizontal acoustic barriers to protect the privacy of each offices.

On the ground, the technical floors offer the same flexibility. You choose where you need the floor boxes to be.


Smart heating and air conditioning system

The heating and air conditioning are managed by heat pumps which are only triggered if the intelligent air circulation is no longer sufficient to maintain the desired temperature: the surfaces best exposed to the sun will be warmer than those exposed north so the system will first redistribute heat from hot surfaces or IT rooms in colder areas before turning on air conditioning or heating.

This system guarantees to only use the installation when necessary and not to waste energy in cooling a hot surface while heating a cooler surface. 

Everybody win :

  • Maximal comfort for all tenants
  • Costs remain under control for you and for us
  • The technical equipment lasts longer

Disabled access

All our buildings have one or more elevators serving all levels of offices and parking lots. In the same way, outside, all have an access ramp.

The outdoor and indoor car parks all have spaces reserved for people with disabilities.

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