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Your quiet, fully equipped offices ... it's here!


It is a well-known fact: when you are comfortable in your work environment, you are happier and more productive. We followed this mindset when designing the project and it is still our main guideline when we keep on developing your office buildings.


A full range of services

We do everything we can to make sure everything goes well for you


A truly fully equipped conference room

No need to use space in your premises for a large meeting room: it already exists ...

Originally created to meet a real need of our existing tenants, this room is available for rent to everyone, with of course priority given to the companies on Campus. 


 > Fully equipped

The atmosphere of the room is clearly very green: a magnificent, stabilized plant wall looks great and goes very well with the parquet and recycled wooden furniture. We choose comfortable and ergonomic chairs, which is clearly very important if the presentation lasts for a long time.

The room is fitted with 2 giant screens connected either to the desk, or remotely, or even both at the same time. There is also a mobile screen that can either broadcast the same information as on the big screen, or serve as an interactive digital whiteboard. 

The sound system in the room is homogeneous and discreetly integrated. it includes a hand microphone and a headset microphone to facilitate your interventions.

A kitchen optimized for the catering service is just next door: fridges, a washing point, an ice machine and lots of work surface. Everything you need to make your task easier and guarantee optimal service to your guests.  


> Online booking system

Nothing revolutionary: an online booking form accessible to all where you can send a request for availability. The creation of an account takes about 10 seconds during the first connection and then just select the date, the time slot, any additional services if you wish (drinks, caterer) and you're done. 

Of course, our tenants are VIP (Very Important Partners) and have priority over external requests.  


Free fitness room, for all tenants

To work well, you also need to let off some steam

Well-being at work also involves the possibility to relax, to constructive breaks.

It is this desire to contribute to the health and well-being of people that motivated us to create a well-equipped fitness room, with online booking system, TV and cutting-edge equipment. We believe that offering the possibility of playing sports directly on the Campus will motivate more people to get moving.

Coaches are also willing to come to the site, at the request of the tenants, to help with training and provide their advice.

The fitness room, as well as the changing rooms, showers and toilets are available to everyone 24/7 


What else ? ...


Many services on site & on demand

We can provide a full array of services to our tenants.

Right in Campus Contern we have :

  • A Fresh & Delicious restaurant, where everything is fresh and local, and a place reserved for Foodtrucks once a week.
  • A conference room to help our tenants plan seminars, cocktails or meetings without worrying about logistics
  • A BringMe box which allows everyone to receive packages without being disturbed during the day
  • A fitness room

And of course a long list of providers who will come upon request such as, for example, car wash, optician, meal delivery, hairdresser and many others. All these services are listed in our Campus Contern Assistant.


Beautiful outdoors

Enjoying the outdoors is essential in a workday. One has to be able to get some fresh air, enjoy the sun and be able to meet up with colleagues or other people on the Campus without constraints.

We therefore fitted out the outdoor spaces with colorful tables and benches to give the site a bit of cheerfulness and allow them to meet and gather safely, even without masks. Naturally, we have remained faithful to our philosophy and our convictions: all the material is recycled and recyclable.


Parking for cars & bikes

Campus Contern offers you an exceptional ratio of 1 parking space per 25 m² !! It is much more than most of the other office buildings.

Even if soft mobility is gaining ground and we are doing everything to encourage it, it's a fact that habits are changing slowly. We are not all ready to leave our car in the garage. With Campus Contern you will have the choice and the time to get organized: you have more than 750 spaces on site and 67 e-parking if you have already chosen an electric vehicle.

 We also have secure and well-equipped bicycle parking lots in the basement with lockers to store your equipment and sockets to recharge the batteries.


BRINGME BOX - To receive & send packages without being disturbed

Using BRINGME box is very simple and you will never miss a delivery again: anyone can receive packages without having to open to the delivery man, be available or at one's desk during the time slot.

Just indicate BRINGME BOX in the delivery address and the delivery person goes down to the car park, deposits the package in a secure locker and leaves. The recipient receives a notification with a code and you can collect the package at your convenience.

Simple & efficient, the kind of service that saves time and provides more comfort.


Digital signage

We chose  digital signage for several reasons.

Firstly because it gives us real responsiveness in terms of display and limits the use of stickers or various hard panels to be thrown away when the data changes. But above all allows, thanks to the E-plan, to locate the companies of the site and help your visitors find their way around easily.

Then, our interactive screens allow us to create a community with our tenants: to inform them of the actions in progress, of new services, to get their opinion on the improvements etc ... a real proximity which we lacked before. 


Flexible offices with lots of natural light

In accordance with the BREEAM certification, our offices are designed to be pleasant and comfortable to live in: natural light is essential and the windows must be able to open to allow the occupant to enjoy the outside air.

The floors are designed to allow a layout that best suits you: some will need many individual offices, others large open spaces to facilitate working together. It's up to you to determine what your activity needs and to optimize the square meters for your business.


Access control

The security of employees, equipment and data is an important point of the company. Our access control is easy to use and effective: people only have access to authorized areas in the parking lot or buildings. A simple way to manage the flow of people and minimize the risk of intrusion.

Not to mention our ecological and sustainable actions ...

See the details of our * Green * assets

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