Sustainable initiatives : rent a eco-friendly office

It is not enough to talk about it, we must ACT to protect our environment

Our buildings are CSR certified because we offer many eco-responsible and sustainable initiatives, which will help you earn points for your own CSR certification or, at a minimum, position you as concerned and involved. Make the most of it. 

CAMPUS CONTERN is certified CSR: Socio Responsible Company


In February 2021, Campus Contern obtained the CSR label for its offices thanks to:
* governance policies that put the well-being of people before profitability
* concrete actions to respect the environment in all actions: construction, purchasing, maintenance, improvements, biodiversity, etc.
* clear commitments from management to promote exchange, sharing and synergies with its tenants

For example

bioorg 2

An indoor ecosystem, unique in Luxembourg

Breathe air as pure as in the forest right in your office ... CAMPUS CONTERN is the only office complex in Luxembourg to offer its occupants a 100% natural environment, free from allergens and chemical pollution: nature purifies the ambient air thanks to to a positive ecosystem, which is fighting 24/7 against indoor pollution, everywhere. A 100% natural solution.

Until now, "green" solutions were only intended for construction or renovation actual work, techniques and supplies. This system allows us to go even further in the ecological approach and to act directly and concretely on health and the well being of the occupants.

If you would like to know more about it : BioOrg


BREEAM Excellent certified buildings

All buildings are BREEAM Excellent certified: a guarantee not only of ecological quality but also of occupant comfort.


In day-to-day life, this translates into opening windows, maximum access to natural light, optimized circulation throughout the building and the car parking lots, etc. The quality of the structure makes reduces costly corrective actions to a minimum and therefore helps in keeping the costs low.

The equipment is sized to guarantee quality performance and durability of the installations: if the equipment is of good quality, if it is not overused and well maintained, it will be more efficient, last longer and therefore less costly to operate.


The entire Campus is digitized under the BIM (Building Information Model) system and has thousands of control points that allow quick intervention in the event of a problem, minimize damage and down time and therefore potential nuisance to tenants.


67 charging stations for electric vehicles and solar panels

Currently in our indoor parking, 67 electric charging stations are available to tenants: how can one choose an electric vehicle if there is no possibility of recharging it? The country and the cities are putting more and more terminals in place, but it is important that we also contribute to the movement by allowing our employees not to hesitate before choosing an electric vehicle.

Two charging stations were installed in the outdoor parking lot for easier access and to power the Flex car.


Travel without limit: Blue Corner recharge cards also work on all the following networks: Chargy, Allego, Blue Current, E-Flux, Eneco, EV-box, Flow Charging, Greenflux, Has to Be, Interparking, Ionity, Last Mile Solutions (LMS), Luminus, Mobility +, Nuon, Optimile, Orangegas, The New Motion (TNM), Treeforce, Vandebron


Solar panels

We put solar panels on the roof of our buildings to produce green energy. In total, we estimate our annual production at 147,000 kWh, which represents 95.5T of CO2 saved.

All Epervier roofing techniques are covered with panels and give an extra style to the rooftop terrace.


Luxembourg's first autonomous shuttle to link Campus Contern to the train station

The last kilometer is the longest and the most dissuasive for people who are hesitant to take public transportation. We therefore collaborated with Sales Lentz and the municipality of Contern to provide you with an autonomous shuttle. Comfort, innovation and soft mobility: three good reasons to embark on the adventure.

The shuttle runs during rush hours to safely take pedestrians out of the train or bus to our door.


Our penthouse tenants: our hive

We installed a hive of 50,000 bees on the roof of Colibri this spring. They have acclimatized well and have taken advantage of the numerous fields and woods around to proliferate and produce a good quantity of honey. Tenants can take a secure tour if they wish to understand how bees live and how essential they are to biodiversity.


Operation zero butts with MéGo!

Our tenant Shime is the official representative of the MéGo program! which aims to recycle all the butts collected to transform them into street furniture. A great initiative which should not only produce useful materials in upcycling but also raise public awareness of the damage our waste does to nature. A single butt pollutes up to 500 liters of water alone, so this is an important cause!


FLEX & carsharing

At Campus Contern, parking is not an issue and almost everyone can use their personal car. True comfort that we all have a hard time giving up sometimes and yet ... there are soft mobility solutions for everyone. If your employees come by train or bus, they will still be able to go to meetings or go run an errand thanks to this shared electric car. Operation is very simple and it is parked right there in our parking lot to provide a real alternative to the private car.


Solutions to promote car pooling

Car sharing is a real solution, especially when you work in a complex that brings together more than 25 companies and more than 1,000 people. We have therefore implemented 2 solutions to promote carpooling:

  • On our application thanks to the screens in the lobby of each building: there is a section in the services section which allows you to use the interactive screens to register a round trip, at certain times, on certain days, etc. Once saved, the route will be visible to other users and you can get in touch to share the trip.
  • You may also look at : we have created a CAMPUS CONTERN community which works in the same way: you offer a route and if someone is interested, they will contact you. It is even wider than the Campus, you will be able to share with other companies in the Weiergewann zoning such as Dupont or others.

Car pooling is cheaper, more ecological and above all a chance to meet new people in the area ...


Encourage recycling & limit packaging

This has been the basis for a very long time: we all know that we must limit the production of waste and sort. We have implemented processes to allow sorting on the whole site and our restaurant undertakes to use only eco-responsible packaging, recycled or recyclable and to limit their use as much as possible.


We recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, glass and household waste but also batteries, small computer hardware and appliances, polystyrene, plastic films etc ...

It is a long-term commitment to limit the impact on our planet.

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