This is the number of liters of water we saved from pollution with Mégo !, the cigarette butt recycling program on our campus.

6.86 kg or around 24,700 butts harvested: 1.5 kg more than the first time

Click here to view this small victory in a 30 second video …


When we signed up for the Mego! contract last year, we were the first in Luxembourg to attempt the adventure. Obviously it was easy considering our tenant SHIME is the depositary of the program on the whole country.

They presented us with the idea: turn cigarette butts into street furniture and above all avoid the pollution of thousands of liters of water. We immediately validated the idea because it was a simple way to engage everyone on Campus to do something concrete to protect our resources … without doing anything really different 🙂

All we had to do is to replace our existing ashtrays with new, nicer and better suited ones and that’s it. Everyone on the site contributed and we are delighted with the result.


To top it all, a real bonus: cigarette butts which could still land in the flowers or on the forecourt in the past are much fewer, which proves the commitment of smokers on campus  (and which incidentally helps to reduce the frequencies of outdoor cleaning and therefore charges for everyone).

We are therefore delighted and very proud of these results: BRAVO to all and THANK YOU for your participation in the program.


For more details on the program: Contact SHIME @

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