At a time when everyone is rethinking or improving their workspace, we hope you will get inspired with this video.


Our tenant IFSAM allowed us to make this film which perfectly shows the space, the natural light and the flexibility of the fittings. There are still 2 floors of +/- 1,200 sqm each to rent and fit out according to your needs and taste. Enjoy the show.


Projecting into an empty space can be challenging for many of us. To make things easier for you, we have filmed several very well designed and furnished office spaces on our Campus (all available on our home page)

The most recent is the IFSAM office on the top floor of Epervier: 1,200 sqm arranged in their own way to match their way of working. A combination of open space and individual offices, a gigantic and so welcoming kitchen to satisfy the many gourmets … meeting rooms and always a nice view with windows everywhere.


Well-being at work is essential, it’s up to us to guarantee it to our tenants, it’s up to you to adapt it to your teams.


Credits for this great result:

IFSAM Fund Management for the kind permission to film and the availability of the teams (and the good taste)
INSCAPE INTERIORS, our neighbor in Contern, for their good advice on ergonomics, layout and installation
LA PLUME for the movie production

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