Born in PPM: a number that changes the way you look at the world

Are you familiar with this project?  In 2022, photographer Mary-Lou Mauricio launched a campaign to raise awareness about global warming called “Born in PPM”. This campaign consists of taking pictures of people with a number written on their body, corresponding to the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere at the time of their birth. Since […]

5 good reasons to keep your offices a priority despite remote work

Offices remain a sustainable and profitable investment: they need to be optimized to contribute to well-being, innovation and performance. The home office has turned the corporate world upside down, but offices haven’t said their last word. Quite the opposite: they have become more important than ever, offering unique benefits to companies and employees alike. Here […]

Car pooling at the office: a win-win solution!

At the beginning of the year, we carried out a mobility plan: A simple questionnaire to understand the travel habits of people working on Campus Contern. 34 different companies, +/- 450 people, there had to be synergies … and there are! Carpooling is a promising alternative for people working in our office complex, with flows […]

Contern: the ideal city to set up your business.

In fact, Contern has recently adopted a significant decrease in its tax rate, which is now among the lowest in the country. This decision was achieved through the actions of members of the Business Club of Contern, including Campus Contern, to encourage the creation and installation of businesses in the city, offering an attractive tax […]

Zero-carbon mobility training offered to our tenants: lessons learned

Formation mobilité co2 neutre

Last week, the first training session “Aspiring to carbon neutrality through mobility management” took place with Luxmobility, Carbone 4, EIT Urban Mobility and IMS. We chose to invite our tenants to participate with us. Here are the main points and lessons we learned   Some impactful figures: The average carbon footprint of a Luxembourg citizen […]

Our nice partnership with the children of EAC Luxembourg

hotels à insectes décorés en collaboration avec les enfants de l'EAC de Luxembourg

Abour our partnership with L’École d’Art Contemporain de Luxembourg on a practical project for students: decorating our insect hotels. A great success! The short story in video: A collaborative project with a competition Our insect hotels appeal to the local biodiversity. Very natural and perfect from a functional point of view, the back was nevertheless […]

Act, then inspire: the background of our CO2 Neutral certificate

Logos rse-breeam-co2-neutre

Campus Contern is the first office building complex in Luxembourg to be certified CO2 neutral. The label, awarded by an independent Belgian office, is also validated by Vinçotte. “From the very first developments of Campus Contern, it was obvious to me that the buildings we were going to build had to meet high ecological requirements. […]


nom et photo de l'osteopathe et naturopathe présentes à Campus Contern

An osteopath and a naturopath directly at the office? This is possible at Campus Contern. This is unique and probably a first in Luxembourg: our tenants now have an osteopath and a naturopath at maximum 100 m / 2 minutes walk from their office. We are delighted to be able to welcome these alternative medicine […]

Yes, we are THE FIRST office building to be labeled CO2 Neutral in Luxembourg!

label CO2 neutre - CO2 neutral CO2-neutral

Campus Contern has become the first office complex in Luxembourg to obtain a ‘CO2 neutral’ label. This is a great reward for our continuous efforts since the genesis of the project in 2007.  Our job is to offer you ergonomic, pleasant, modern and easy-going office spaces for rent: our #feelgoodatwork. But it is also a […]