It’s true, our Business Corner is full: the 12 small individual offices have found lessees.

If you had planned to join us and take advantage of the advantages of Campus Contern, it is still possible: our Flexible Office coworking still has 27 individual places at only € 335 / month excluding VAT.

Why having several co-working spaces?

Our guiding principle is the well-being of our tenants, and in this context, we believe that well-being at work also involves a solution adapted to the needs and means of each company.
Some prefer a private office, others favor an open space; some can afford a budget of € 600 or more per month and others have to keep costs to a minimum …
It was therefore necessary to offer options and this is how these 2 different coworking spaces were born. So everyone can choose what suits them best.
Coworking respects the specifications: renting a cheap but pleasant and fully equipped office. 335 € / month excluding VAT remains a very low rate for Luxembourg, especially in all-inclusive mode (charges, cleaning, water fountain, etc.) and with all the premium services of Campus Contern.

No matter the size, the same premium service

Regardless of the size of your office space rented at Campus Contern, one thing is certain: premium service is included for employees: it is important and the basis of our small community.
Whether you rent 3m2 (a single individual office in the coworking room to start) or 1,200 m2 (a full set in our magnificent Epervier), everyone can benefit from the services:
· 24/7 access to the fitness room and the possibility of booked the free fitness classes? Included.
· Priority conference room reservation and preferential rate? Included.
· The possibility of booking our own car sharing ? Included.
· Use the on-site restaurant and participate in events and activities? Included.
· Use the on-demand service application to book on-site services (car wash, dry cleaning, deliveries, aesthetics, hairdresser, etc.)? Included.
· The possibility of renting a parking space with an electric charging station? Included.
· Heating and air conditioning included in charges, however very low (Yes, € 2.75 per m2 is really low)? Included.
· Our CSR commitment, pleasant outdoor spaces, a beehive to visit on the roof, solar panels to minimize the carbon footprint, access control, cleanliness of the complex…. ? Included.

The best value for money-well-being-ecology

We are proud to hear from our real estate agent partners that we offer the best value for money for our offices.


The most important being the value dimension: having a base, a professional address is necessary, but enjoying going there every day, inviting customers, watch your teams grow and flourish, that is really what makes the value of an office.

All our available spaces are listed on our home page
All the details for the coworking space are here

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