Campus Contern is certified by the INDR CSR label. A story of partnership and good cooperation with neighbors too, which owes a lot to the commitment of the players and, in particular, to the excellent collaboration with shime.

Before, for a company to stand out, you needed beautiful cars and golden business cards … But that was before. Now, to be recognized as a good company, it takes people, caring and a positive environmental footprint. And you have to obtain, for example, a CSR label or an ISO Green certification.

CAMPUS CONTERN has chosen to join the INDR and the Luxembourg CSR label to continue to commit to and promote the essential values ​​of commitment to the future and to people, and thus join a community of companies that share these values.

The process was linear. What were the keys to success and to quickly obtaining the said label?

# 1 Commitment, the real thing

When you are committed, answering certification questions becomes much easier. CAMPUS CONTERN was built on respect for the environment and the well-being of its occupants, in particular thanks to the BREEAM certification which ensures all this. Obtaining the Excellent rating was a challenge, an investment too, but the result is there if we judge by the level of satisfaction and loyalty of the tenants.

“The CSR certification was able to formalize our natural way of seeing things and managing the site”, testifies the enthusiastic marketing manager at Campus Contern, Virginie Ducommun. “From the start, all purchases, innovations or initiatives must pass our test: is it good for the planet and is it good for people? It is sometimes a challenge to validate, but it is the guideline that feeds our “Feel Good At Work”. Writing down this guideline in black and white made it even stronger and opened up new avenues for other developments, including the ambitious zero carbon goal. “

# 2 validation of actions

Obtaining the label, listing all these initiatives, makes it possible to realize things already well accomplished: an optimization of the building, an interior purifying ecosystem BioOrg, recycled and recyclable installations, the first autonomous shuttle of Luxembourg, solar panels on all the roofs, right next to the beehive, a car sharing service, a fully equipped conference room, a fitness room open to all, cigarette butts recycling, on-site services, surroundings and in virtual concierge, regular opinion polls for stay in tune with the needs of tenants… Even today, CAMPUS CONTERN is the only private site with 67 charging stations for electric vehicles.

“We are proud to be able to bring this to our tenants to make them feel good at work and enjoy coming here every day, but also to share it with them. Some of the actions we have put in place can help them earn points on their own certification since the beneficiaries are the tenants. It can be seen as a form of reward for choosing the right office for their company!

# 3 Cooperation between neighbors, shared visions

And then there is cooperation and partnership. “We have always promoted relationships and synergies between companies on the site. Working with neighbors combines the useful with the pleasant, ”continues Virginie Ducommun. This is how Campus Contern naturally turned to shime, which specializes in CSR support. “This support was a great help in preparing for certification and optimizing our time”.

History is sometimes built together, between neighbors and a network of partners looking in the same direction. “It’s a bit thanks to CAMPUS CONTERN that shime was born! One of the networking events that we organized for our companies was dedicated to social and responsible commitments. Through Frédéric Liégeois from the Infogreen platform, we invited Norman Fisch to present the INDR and the benefits of the brand new CSR label. Conquered by the label’s vision and speech, Stéphane Hérard created shime! “

If we still had to convince, this is further proof that a shared commitment to the environment and people creates value for everyone!

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Article published on INFOGREEN

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