To be well and productive at work, you have to feel good. This very simple principle is what made Campus Contern decide to offer 3 sports sessions per week to all tenants.
Discover here the why, the how and the results …

# 1 The WHY?

Why did we decide to invest in free fitness classes open to all people working on Campus? The reasons are many and ultimately very simple:
First, a desire from the owner
: “To be well you have to move, it has been proven, but you also have to renew social ties, so with courses like these, we combine the well-being of the body with that of the mind. It is important.” Says Marc Diver, Campus Contern’s owner.
It is also in line with our CSR commitment : we are a socially responsible company and therefore the well-being of people remains a priority. We are convinced of the benefits of sport to manage stress so by setting up free classes, it gets accessible and everyone can try
Then, the ease of setting it up for us: we are lucky to have infrastructures that allow us to do it easily and we are already working as part of our à la carte services with ForFit: a team of professionals in the health and fitness so the ideal partner was found. (
Finally. with the successive confinements, we wanted to restore the link between people. The lessons are given in person, in compliance with safety rules. As teleworking requires staff rotations on site, we also offer a “live access” version to allow regular users to maintain consistency even if they are not physically at the office.

# 2 The HOW?

To be sure to meet the demand, as often when we launch a new idea, we did a short opinion poll with all the companies on site in order to choose the most suitable days and time slots for them and choose the types of courses to offer.
A hundred votes later, the schedule was tailor-made for our tenants
Thanks to an interactive calendar, everyone can book the course of their choice directly online, without a user account: enter your name / email and it’s done. Places are currently limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Athletes can also join the waiting list to have a nice surprise in case of cancellation.
It’s simple, managed directly by the coaches. This ensures optimal service and creates links between coaches and participants: they can ask questions and interact directly.


A great operation:
– These classes became a mandatory meeting for some! Timeslots are fully booked for the weeks to come
– People are diligent and regular. Those on the waiting list are motivated and informed of withdrawals
– A real connection with the coaches is set up to extend the service beyond class time.

We are eager to see the government measures loosen up in order to increase the number of available spots but we are delighted: a useful investment for our #feelgoodatwork and which will, we hope, create good sporting habits within Campus Contern.

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