Corona virus has changed many things in our daily lives, and the office approach is one of them.


At Campus Contern we offer offices for rent that validate all the important points: safety, creativity, sharing, eco-responsibility and services for all. Let’s take a look at the top 10 trends in the office today.

# 1 Post covid measures

Safety comes first, in 2021 we must protect the health of employees. #safeoffice ✅
🌳: Natural air-purifying ecosystem with BioOrg
🛡️: Hydroalcoholic gel pump with automatic distribution at all entrances
💡: Automatic lights
❌: Plexiglas partitions between shared offices
😷: Mask compulsory in all public spaces …

# 2 Flex office furniture

In 2021, each employee must be able to work wherever they want, benefit from the necessary material comfort with the serenity of private and secure lockers! And offices shall also provide an informal meeting space or for video conferences. Ok here ✅
🔝: Work bar in the coworking room to change views and spaces throughout the day
📺: Video conference system / digital whiteboard in the meeting room
☕🥤: Equipped lounge and kitchenette
🛡️: Each office has its secure locker

# 3 Connected signage

In 2021, smart displays and totems are needed, as are technologies based on live data analysis. # connected✅
Connected screens make it possible to distribute practical or corporate information to employees.
🖥️✔️: Digital signage throughout the site: responsive and interactive, with e-plan and all the news for our community
💻🏋️‍♀️: Online reservation of fitness equipment
💻 🥂: Online conference room reservation
💻 📊: Booking of meeting rooms in online coworking rooms
🕶️: 3D modeling of buildings and BIM techniques to have all the information in a few clicks

# 4 The “home office”

It is impossible not to talk about teleworking and more precisely, quality of life in teleworking (QV2T). With the current economic situation, we must invest in the well-being of employees! #wellbeingatwork ✅
🖥️✔️: High speed fiber connection to stay in touch with everyone
🛡️: Safe office to welcome them when the time comes, regroup teams
👂: Listen to the needs of tenants in order to act for the well-being of all.

# 5 CSR

In 2021, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more relevant than ever. The layout of the offices is a lever in your CSR approach and therefore a favorable element in terms of your brand image. #rse ✅
📑♻️💚: BREEAM in USE EXCELLENT certification
✅: Our CSR certification is in progress with INDR and the support of shime
🗑️♻️: Waste management with the entire program in the offices and the garbage room downstairs SuperDrecksKëscht
🛋️ ♻️: Recycled and recyclable outdoor furniture with MIX URBAN
💦 ♻️: Second-hand INOWATIO water fountains and with refillable gas cartridges …
🐝🌿🌺: Beehive on the roof with Hünnegkecht and increased biodiversity thanks to flower pots

# 6 Collaborative decoration

Together: we go further. No more individualism, make way for collaboration! Our Campus is constantly evolving, everyone participates in the life of the office, in its layout, leaves its mark and develops its “team spirit”! #wellbeingatwork ✅
❓ ✅: All tenants are often consulted through surveys or during our meetings with them.
🥂: Events when possible to strengthen the community between the companies of the site

# 7 Nap at the office

In the “well-being” family: the micro #sieste! A practice (benefits of which no longer need to be demonstrated) is creeping slowly but surely into offices. At Campus Contern we leave it to our tenants to arrange such a space BUT we offer #relaxation, #sophrology and plantar reflexology services on site to help them relax with KINSIDE / ForFit professionals. #wellbeingatwork ✅
😴 ✅: The spaces are easily adaptable to create nap spaces without major work
😌: Professionals come directly to the site at everyone’s request
😎: Dedicated room and subdued light to make the most of
💻: Simple online reservation via our partner Lucette Market

# 8 Immersive capsules

In the collaborative and community spirit, for coworking spaces we have chosen acoustic management, cocoon meeting, space management to allow everyone to easily concentrate or discuss, when they need to or so desire… #wellbeingatwork ✅
🙉 ✅: The active ceilings all contain an integrated acoustic barrier and for coworking we have added buffers to the Drisag ceiling: pretty and effective
🧐: To concentrate and call in peace: cocoon armchairs. High walls absorb sound and isolate from the rest of the open space
😎: The lounge area is open but also protected by acoustic walls


# 9 Light ceiling and virtual windows

No need at Campus Contern, we have windows that open everywhere, to avoid these placebo technologies which will never replace natural light and fresh air 🤗💨🌤️ it is also compulsory for the BREEAM label.

# 10 Digital restaurant

In 2021, connected fridges arrive! They are certainly practical, ergonomic, design but Campus Contern has made the choice of conviviality 🥂 with Njörd: a real restaurant 🍽️, real people 👩‍🍳 and real fresh and seasonal dishes 😋: #peoplefirst

To find out more, come visit our offices, without obligation, and you will see the difference for yourself.
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