This week, in the middle of the European Union’s Green Week, our 12 decorative trees left our esplanade to reach more fertile lands, literally.

Without being able to make it a festive moment between neighbours, the satisfaction of seeing them take root is pleasing.

Festive yes but sustainable

This year, we could not resist the call of the end of the year celebrations: we ordered 12 beautiful fleshy trees to decorate the exteriors. Since meeting meeting up to taste our now traditional mulled wine from the Campus was not an option, we were gathered on the garlands.

Obviously, in order to respect our CSR and ecological beliefs, we had ordered rooted trees to be able to enjoy the atmosphere and the smell so typical of Christmas without dooming 12 trees to end up in compost, at best. The pots and garlands will be reused next year.

Contribute to local biodiversity

The original idea was to invite tenants who wished to join us in replanting them for a mini event but that was obviously not possible yet. So we donated them to the City of Contern, delighted to recover them. The gardening team picked them up and replanted them all in various places in the town to enhance the green areas and contribute to the biodiversity.

To be continued

We are very happy that they have all returned to the ground. We will check in with them later this year to see if they have taken root.

Many thanks to the municipality of Contern for their help.

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