Thank you to our communication partner Infogreen for giving us a spot in the monthly dossier “Well-being at work”


We may “only” own the walls, but as our slogan “feel good at work” suggests, our mission is to create a working environment that is as pleasant and as complete as possible for everyone.
Our recipe is simple: attention, breaks and services.


Well-being goes through care and inclusion

Our tenants are all members of the family. By adding solutions that promote health and safety, we do everything to reassure them and to make them feel good at Campus Contern.

Essential for a productive working day: breaks and catering

This is true and has been proven by numerous studies: when you can take several breaks during the day, you come back to work more alert and focused.

Always more on-site services to make life easier for tenants

We are constantly looking for new services that can make life easier for everyone.


All the details and the full article online here

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