It’s a hot topic: the office world is changing. We are rethinking the workspaces, we are testing home office, we are getting organized. At Campus Contern, we believe that human interaction must remain at the center of everything. Therefore, we must promote exchanges as much as possible, while obviously respecting the new health constraints that we all face.


It is in this spirit that we have furnished our terrace with new tables and benches to share better, outside.

Social reconnection: a pleasant break

Renewing a social bond is important for everyone, it is our role as an owner to encourage exchanges as much as possible.

Sunshine records are not necessarily achieved in Contern but we had to make sure that our small community could benefit even more and even better from our outdoor spaces. In addition to the existing high benches, we have added benches and tables to make the most of the esplanade.

It is now easily possible to settle in comfortably and perhaps stay a little longer to enjoy the sun and why not share a table with people from other companies, exchange tips, effective strategies …


COVID 19: The security of gathering outdoors

COVID 19 has left its mark and we are all more or less wary of socializing again. Having large tables outside will allow the most reluctant to mix with people and meet staff from other companies. If you have a meeting or a team meeting, why not find yourself outside when the weather is nice and avoid wearing a mask during the whole meeting?

The benches that we have added respect social distancing: the flower box in the middle is a very pretty and pleasant way to guarantee the 2 m minimum distance.


Quality material – Recycled and recyclable

We were demanding when selecting the material: everything is made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic. Well-being in the office yes, but not at any cost; we made sure to stay true to our * green * commitments.

It was also necessary to bring color to encourage the tenants to come out and enjoy it. We are delighted with the result and look forward to the rest … because we have planned other surprises and improvements for the start of the school year. Stay tuned.


Well-being at work is essential, it is up to us to guarantee it to our tenants.


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