Times are changing and so are the criteria for well-being at work. Inowai and Paperjam did an interesting study as part of their Real Estate Observatory.

Chapter five is devoted to it and … to hear the testimonies, Campus Contern is definitely very well ranked vin the race for the best working environment.

The first criterion is obviously not real estate:

To feel good at work, you have to love what you do and work sympathetically with your colleagues, this is the first thing that emerges from the testimonies and it is quite normal. Even if we obviously have no influence on this, we are still confident: rest assured of the good atmosphere that reigns over the entire Campus Contern.

It is a good point when you want to set up or move your business.

Campus Contern validates all of the following criteria:

This small study is very revealing of the needs of the staff. Many professionals also agree that the choice of office now involves more people in the decision-making process. The CEO and CFO are now inviting HR to guarantee the well-being of employees.

If well-being in the office is our slogan: * Feel Good At Work * it is not by chance. Campus Contern ticks all the boxes for the main characteristics of the ideal office.


* Services :

“More than a beautiful private kitchen, I prefer local services” said one of the people interviewed. At Campus Contern you will have both: the rent of 22 €/sqm/month including charges will allow you to have a very nice kitchen in-house AND to take advantage of the many service options nearby and on site.

The Contern area has changed considerably: we have a Njörd restaurant and a foodtruck on site, restaurants and grocery stores within 2 km, the only Grand Frais in Luxembourg, a brand new service station with catering and carwash, cycle paths to link all this, an autonomous shuttle to and from the station during peak hours, an “à la carte” service application that everyone can use as they please …

It’s a lot and we still have other ideas to improve it all. Our tenants are also very creative and help us target the real useful services.

* The location :

Contern is a very interesting location: while staying 15 minutes maximum from the city center, Cloche D’or, Kirchberg or the airport, the area remains accessible by car, train and bus. A real advantage especially since public transportation is now free.

From our Campus to Luxembourg main station it only takes 15 minutes: +/- 10 minutes to go to the station then 5 to 7 minutes of train journeys. Practical and ecological.

We also have an excellent parking ratio that has become scarce: 1 space per 25 sqm, so everyone can benefit from it.

* Socialization:

Campus Contern is like a family: companies know each other, employees can find carpooling partners among the 600 or so people who work on the site and our annual events are always very lively and pleasant.

We share our good plans, group orders, improve services thanks to regular opinion polls …

* Infrastructure:

Our buildings are BREEAM Excellent certified, the windows open and the facilities are modern and well maintained.

We are the only private site in Luxembourg with 67 electric charging stations, we provide a fitness room and a conference room for 100 people, a beautiful landscaped outdoor area and even a beehive on the roof …

So we are confident when reading this study because we are what we claim: an office site oriented towards well-being at work.

Take a few minutes to view this interesting compilation: Source and video credit: INOWAI Luxembourg.

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