Our priority is the well-being of the people who work on our Campus. With sustainability, service is the other guideline steering all of our choices.


We now offer an application which currently includes 3 new services so far, to be extended over time. Everyone who works at Campus Contern can create a profile and choose their services, time and type of service. Online payment, on-site delivery: simple and efficient.

A simple and intuitive web application:

We are all very used to ordering online, grouping services in the same place. Hence the idea of ​​listing everything on a single application to avoid people juggling different sites.

The MOOVEE (our car wash partner) application is the base supporting all services. It is robust and intuitive, and Moovee has made some adjustments to accommodate other services.

To get started : one just needs to create your personal account with the company code and that’s it, access to services is set up. With each order, the credit card transaction validates the deal. The use is personal and private, so no need for company validation to benefit from it.

ALl people need to do is to remeber to order online because the principle of on-demand service is also that it is only there when you want it: so no order, no service provider.


Quality partners:

We followed our tenants’ requests to start and introduced frequently demanded services. We have chosen providers who are very concerned about their ecological footprint, who recycle, sort, choose ecological products, etc.

Car wash: MOOVEE every Thursday.

On the application, you register your vehicle (type, license plate) and you can order a washing service as needed with or without options such as only the exterior, special stains, animal hair or what not. It is up to each customer to decide the service and its options. Upon receipt of online payment, the appointment is confirmed.

The person will be in contact on the big day with the Moovee team to drop off and pick up the car in the parking lot.

Pressing: KLIN every Monday and Thursday.

The application gives access to the KLIN portal. The person must register and select the services they need. As for the rest, pay online and it’s over.

Tenants can drop off and pick up the laundry in the old fitness room that we provide. Klin also offers extras such as shoe repair or touch-ups. A real plus when you know the time wasted looking after outside of work.

Organic fruit and vegetable baskets: LE CHAT BIOTTÉ every Tuesday and Thursday.

We have many gourmets on the Campus. Some companies already order baskets to be shared between employees. Thanks to the application, everyone can manage their own order, to bring home. The confirmation arrives automatically after validation of the payment. It will be delivered to the office and everyone can enjoy it as a family afterwards.


New services will soon be added to the list. In particular massages which will only start in September to adapt to post-covid requirements and guarantee a real moment of relaxation and pleasure. We are still looking for a hairdresser, a barber, a language teacher … and any other service that could be useful to all.

Together, we keep working to * live better * on our Campus.

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