Last spring we installed a beehive on the roof of one of our buildings. We were confident that the bees would be happy living with us, with lots of fields and woods nearby to visit and collect from.

We were right: results exceed the forecasts! 5 kg of spring honey and 14 kg of summer honey.

All 14 kg will be distributed to our tenants later this month so that they can get a taste of it, while planning to make a visit or discover the hive. Each of the 15 winners of our improvised honey raffle back in June during our annual barbecue will also receive their own jar…
Our colony developed well and showed a good yield thanks to the good care of Hunnegkescht who takes care of everything. The population was so well established and efficient that one of the traps even served to boost another colony. When a hive is suffering or lacking in productivity, then we remove a plate from a hyperactive hive to help revive the weaker hive, explained Hugo Zeller.
So results are very positive for this first year.

As for the 5 kg of spring honey, it is a less fragrant and less tasty product; it will therefore be used to sweeten culinary or pastry creations with real natural sugar.

Nothing will go to waste, fortunately.

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