Impossible to have invisible trees?  Think twice. This is what we did yesterday at Campus Contern when renewing our BioOrg ecosystem.

Our 12,500 sqm of offices are now ecosystems capable of digesting indoor pollution and purifying the air.

There is nothing more important than health, especially in these troubled times.

The basis of well-being in the office


BioOrg’s slogan perfectly describes its effect: * Bring nature in *. Spraying positive bacteria in all buildings allows our tenants to enjoy healthy air, as if they were sitting in the forest.


A healthy and clean environment remains the basis for achieving a feeling of well-being at work or in life in general. Working in a forest of 210 trees is a good start!


“We have always done our best to provide as much comfort as possible for our tenants and the BioOrg ecosystem is a great help, especially at this time with the impending end of lock-down.” explains Marc Diver, owner of Campus Contern. “We also know that BioOrg theoretically has an potential effect on the Corona virus so it was important for us to do it quickly. Health first!”.


In line with ASTF recommendations – Occupational medicine


The ASTF has issued some very useful recommendations to support companies with the post-covid situation. The first points are directly related to buildings and indoor air management such as ventilating spaces, cleaning pipes and above all limiting the use of air humidifiers which promote the proliferation of the virus.

We are also comforted because BioOrg acts precisely in this direction: it gets rid of indoor air of pollution and conventional allergens, fine particles on which the virus can cling and produces a dry environment on the surfaces therefore in theory less conducive to development of the virus.


Safety at work is not only about access control : air pollution kills more than tobacco says the WHO (World Health Organization). By spraying BioOrg today we have taken safety to another level by bringing solutions for our tenants’ health. (BioOrg Luxembourg)


What about the tenants?


As usual, they were very cooperative and gladly opened their doors. Big thank you to all of them.

Everyone’s constraints were respected and spraying was quick. No need for people to leave their workstation. The operation went rather unnoticed except for a few delighted comments and even a few treats distributed as a thank you.


Many thanks to all our tenants for their flexibility, to our property manager Cobelpro for their responsiveness and monitoring.

Together, we keep working to * live better * on our Campus.

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