We are used to doing quality and development surveys with our tenants. They contributed greatly again this time: thanks to their participation, we have a clear idea of what they really need.


A way for us to target our efforts and bring relevant and useful solutions to the greatest number.

On-demand services, on site with preferential rates

We opted for a simple and intuitive application, in partnership with Moovee, which allows each tenant to validate everything thanks to a personal profile:

It is simple and very complementary to the Campus Assistant already online which references the surrounding options.


Selected partners

To start and meet the most of listed needs, we selected 3 partners of choice, all remarkable for their flawless service, the use of organic products, respectful of the environment and willingness to limit waste to a bare minimum:

Other highly requested services are being programmed such as:


Events to meet up

Our community appreciates getting together: we have been asked to organize more afterwork, seminars and other events aimed at meeting and sharing. We will therefore expand the Campus Contern agenda in the future.


Many thanks to all our tenants for their involvement in optimizing * better living * on our Campus.

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